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$69.12 for 3 PCBs Special Offer 

$48 for 3 PCBs Special Offer
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Our $69.12 for 3 PCBs is our least expensive PCB option. These are the same high quality double-sided boards as our Standard Service. The board area must be no larger than 9.5 square inches and the quantity is always three.

  • Boards have top and bottom copper layers with all holes plated through.

  • They do not include soldermask or silkscreen layers, which are cosmetic additions.

  • Electrically, these boards are first rate with bright shiny Tin HASL - Lead Free solder plated traces and pads.

  • No limit on number of holes/drills.

  • Because they do not have a soldermask coating, the boards are the yellowish color of the industry standard FR-4 laminate.

  • $69.12 for 3 PCBs orders have a fixed price of $69.12 (plus shipping).

  • With each order, we send you three identical boards.

  • 10 Business Days standard turnaround time with expediting option.

  • 7.00% state sales tax is added to orders shipped to New Jersey.

  • Paying for your boards is easy by credit card. See ordering information.

  • We ship according to your shipping specifications. See shipping information.

  • For this offer, the board quantity cannot be changed.

  • Free testing of PCBs standard!

  • Always RoSH compliant PCBs at no extra cost!

  • Hand in Gerber database or Eagle brd file.

  • Great expert technical support through our All PCBs forum , by emailing pcb@a-wit.com, or by calling Toll-Free at 1-800-985-AWIT x705.

  • Ordering with this offer takes a simple one-step below.

Process Information


Board Thickness

Copper Weight

Rules File


0.063 inches
(1.6 mm)

1 oz
(35 m)

Purchase Board Offer

Simple Board  -  Double Sided




a) Purchase flat fee (required)


Optional: Purchase Delivery Time and Shipping Options

Delivery Time



a) 10 Business Days (standard)



b) 5 Business Days (expedited, optional)



Complete Transaction
You will pay for any shipping options during checkout.
After payment is completed, you will be prompted to send your design files.




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