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Welcome to A-WIT’s on-line PCB ordering facility!

In an effort to advance the projects of students and educators, technology hobbyists, and engineers, A-WIT offers low cost, high quality PCB fabrication services.

$69.12 for 3 PCBs Special Offer 

$48 for 3 PCBs Special Offer
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  • Our up front, transparent, no hidden fees pricing structure sets us apart from the competition!

  • No need to send us your design files for a quote. Our competition knows that when you send your design files, you begin to become vested on a transaction with them.

  • No need to put your information into an on-line quoting system with hidden pricing algorithms.

  • We show you the equation we use for order pricing, and you know exactly how much you will pay for your boards!

  • We only need the total board area you are buying!

  • No limit on number of holes/drills.

  • 10 Business Days standard turnaround time with expediting option.

  • Free testing of PCBs standard!

  • Always RoSH compliant PCBs at no extra cost!

  • Hand in Gerber database or Eagle brd file.

  • Great expert technical support through our “All PCBs” forum, by emailing pcb@a-wit.com, or by calling Toll-Free at 1-800-985-AWIT x705.

  • Ordering with us is as simple as 1-2-3, and it starts with choosing your board format below.

Process Information


Board Thickness

Copper Weight

Rules File


0.063 inches
(1.6 mm)

1 oz
(35 µm)

Solder Mask

Silk Screen

Plating on Board


Blue or White

Tin HASL  -  Lead Free

Step 1: Choose Board Type

  Simple Boards (You will choose more options during the next steps.)
Single Sided Single Sided w/
Solder Mask
Double Sided Double Sided w/
Solder Mask
  Multi-Layer Boards (You will choose more options during the next steps.)
  ILP = Internal Layer Pair
  LPI = Layer Pair
4 Layers
4 Layers
6 Layers
6 Layers
8 Layers
8 Layers



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